Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Where I am going. Fuck knows

Long time, no hear.  The last few months have been rather mixed.  Although the gigs have kept on coming in and the productions are slowly getting there - my one constant in my life seems like it's never going to go away.  My illness - which is what depression is at the end of the day is really causing serious problems for me work wise - to the extent that I have taken more days off up to now this year than any of the previous 11 years. Eight days in barely six weeks. The taxman will be annoyed with me come payday.  I have had my dose increased three times in as many months and I am thinking that I might need to try and get as much music completed whilst I'm still of this parish.  I can't rely on talking to friends about this anymore - its getting too hard to verbally speak about it, without getting angry about everything.  So writing down my own personal thoughts is the only way forward. 

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann - Fuego (Julian Jeweil Remix)

Admittedly this and the equally outstanding remix of 'Terra' that Joseph Capriati has done on the same remix package has been out for the best part of a month or so, but still wanted to flag this up!!!

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Roberts' Summer Opener

Apologies for the lack of posting these past few months, will hope that now I have a new iPad Pro, that the posts and more importantly the music gets looked at on a more regular basis - in fact I may do an refresh of what I'm listening to via my You Tube playlists which are on either side of the page - in the meantime, here's my latest promo mix - there has been some feedback, however although I am getting regular gigs - these are normally more private parties and no regular club gigs where I can play a more freeform set. Enjoy B x

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Andy Cato - Uppers on the South Downs - Groove Armada

Remember getting this on vinyl when it came out in 2007, still sounds fresh even now.

Might try and find it in the record collection over the coming days!!