Monday, 2 January 2017

My Promo Year Mix 2016

After what was at times a very hard, painful 2016, it does seem for now that I have come out of the hole that I was in for large sways of the past year - I'll try to write a bit more about that in later posts - but as you can see above, following my Mainstream mix of 2016, this is what I've been loving from a more personal point of view, what I've played in my promos, but also what I've loved hearing from the many DJs and producers in 2016. So get on the bike, get those trainers or just get in the fucking car and put this up to 11. This was me, This was 2016.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

A Vote For Hope...

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It really is a choice of being shat on, or puked on, isn't it.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Sunday Musings

Evening all,

Been a difficult weekend for me having had to work yesterday morning well I say yesterday morning it was more like till 3 PM, before I headed out of town gig with my DJ boss. I had to do my normal work yesterday which meant - having to take calls - and in light of my recent issues with certain aspects of that - the day was without doubt the most stressful of my career there.

So, there are some decisions that need to be made.

Where do I go from here, because the state of play can't continue like this - there are options - and hopefully we can find one which which does not affect my financial situation - however if I have to take a small temporary hit - then that is something I have to do.

In relation to that, I had started to write my letter of resignation towards the back end of last week, however as a consequence - although I have not finalised any definitive decision - it seems the only sensible decision open to me to make.

As I've said previously the status quo is slowly killing me, and I generally do not know how much more of this I can deal with.

I think that moving away from the scenes of my abuse is the only outlet - I have left - but this means leaving everything here - this decision pleases no one - but life has given me a pretty fucking horrific hand. This is just a continuation of that.

As for the gig, it went alright - crowd was piss easy to play for - and temporarily it took my mind off the shitty things that I've had to deal with - however returning home to an empty house 1:30 in the morning did cause a few emotional issues.

Went up to mothers today - lied again - which in itself is doing my head in. But I know deep down - that's it's best for me and mum, that she does not know the torment that I'm currently in.

Due to be back at work tomorrow - oh what a delightful day it will be.


B x

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Endless, Wildest, Craziest. The open world that is Ableton Link

Evening all,

I would write about the latest goings on in my life - but it's safe to say that it's as your intrepid writer has said in previous days and he doesn't want to bore you any longer with that shite - so you depressive guys who want to read some depression porn can bugger off - I'm not going to write to make you consider your lives could be worse this evening!

However I am going to write about some of the technological goings on with two of my DJ softwares. Namely Ableton Live - of which I paid a pretty dime a few weeks ago after years utilising friends copies - yeah I know - proper rude of me - and Traktor of whom I stopped playing live with in favour of the Rekordbox economic system some six months ago after using it for some five years.

In Traktor's latest update - the 2.11.0 update that is - they have FINALLY added on the Ableton Link. This is massive news - as l have been looking for an alternative method of adding loops and samples to my set up without the need of fuck arsing around with the metronome or master clock on Traktor.

It is a relative breeze to get it all set up and running and I suspect I will have plenty of fun playing with it over the coming weeks and months - the real interesting part for me will be if and when Rekordbox comes on board - as it will open the world up to a lot of up and coming producers and DJs who are looking to add a Fugue Machine or some additional percussion over that Macro Plex or Plastician number - or cut the bass out of that shitty Skrillex track (numerous to name) and strip it down to some 303 acid (IDEA!).

The options and ideas have now become as endless as the figments of your wildest and craziest imaginations - I've got some ideas already and I have no doubt you people will too.

Take it easy,

B x

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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Out Of The Pan, Into The Fire

Evening all,

So I headed back into work this morning and it was torturous -absolutely fucking torturous. I hate going back into work after days off particularly when it's not been for pleasurable reasons - and let's be honest - the previous two days have been anything but that.

For one I was left to my own devices, which at times can be a good thing, but in my current state of mind not so.

I've been getting some pretty disturbing thoughts - fucking dictation come on!

One such thought, came on my night ride which I did straight after work this evening.  I was heading along the road to the Imperial down towards Hythe - when the heady thought of walking into the sea came into my head - talking about such thoughts - isn't easy - however the important thing is that nothing came out of it - this is why your author is here.

Positive thoughts people, positive thoughts.

B x